The debate on banking tense the confrontation of Podemos with PP and PSOE

The debate on the

the confrontation between the spokespersons of this matter of Podemos, as a proponent of the initiative, and the of the PP and the PSOE, who have exchanged harsh accusations and reproaches.

The procurator of Podemos Felix Díez has defended a proposition not of law that basically requested an extrajudicial mechanism to facilitate the collection of the amounts unduly collected by the banks by the ground clauses and the creation of advisory offices to the consumers.

After the first exhibition of Díez, in which he has linked the position of the PP and the PSOE in this matter with its dependence on bank loans, spokespersons of the PP and the PSOE have attacked their proposal with coincidental arguments and other individuals.

The first to reply to Díez has been the socialist José Francisco Martín, who has dismissed Podemos’ attorneys as “very vague” for “working hard and poorly”, after which he has enunciated a series of amendments to the proposal that has finally retired because he is in favor of giving “daisies for pigs”.

In the same line contrary to the proposal not law has been the PP prosecutor Salvador Cruz, who has acknowledged that he begins to worry about its coincidence with the arguments of the socialist José Francisco Martín, with whom he has agreed that the first point of the initiative of Podemos is “ventajista” because it is a proposal already approved at the national level.

Cruz has also rejected the “demagoguery” applied by the Podemos prosecutor for criticizing the relationships of the banking and majority parties, but obviate that Izquierda Unida, with which his party has an electoral agreement at the national level, has also benefited from the forgiveness of bank debt.

After hearing these reproaches, Díez has again taken the floor to denounce that with the agreement of the PP and the PSOE at national level what they have achieved is that it is the banks that decide who can claim or not. “Identifying the problems that are collective is a right-wing policy,” the Podemos representative has warned.

But the toughest criticisms have reached the end of his speech, when Díez has asked why the “lack of reflexes” of the Socialist Group to be “precisely you – in reference to Martin – who speaks of bank abuses.”

With these words Díez has referred to the past of José Francisco Martín as a counselor of Caja España: “you are ashamed”, the Procurator of Podemos shouted after accusing him of entering commissions when the cash was “going bankrupt”.

After the debate in the chamber, the spokesman of the Socialist Group, Luis Tudanca, has accused the procurator of Podemos of copying socialist proposals and demagoguery and populism in the House, because “they do not make proposals or opposition.”

This discussion can anticipate the atmosphere

This discussion can anticipate the atmosphere

that can be breathed in the commission of investigation that has announced that Grupo Podemos will request the management of the savings banks of the Community before its integration in other financial entities outside Castilla y León.

Finally, in the voting, one of the points of the non-law proposal went forward, which asked only the Castilla y León Regional Government “to carry out an information campaign to guide the people affected and put the institutional resources at their disposal”.

But in the rest of the points, the rejection of the Popular Group with its 42 attorneys has been staged, while Ciudadanos (5) and the Mixed Group (2) have joined Podemos (10) and the PSOE has abstained.


5 people arrested in Logroño, Castellón and Palma for cheating 200,000 euros with fraudulent online loans

5 people arrested in Logroño, Castellón and Palma for cheating 200,000 euros with fraudulent online loans

Agents of the National Police have dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the commission of scams, for more than 200,000 euros, through the mass contracting of fraudulent loans over the Internet, as reported this Friday by police sources in a statement.

As a result of the operation, it has stopped in Logroño, Vila-Real (Castellón) and Palma de Mallorca its five members, three women and two men, who had been operating systematically and regularly for three years.

228 victims have been identified scattered throughout the Spanish geography and two records have been made in homes of Logroño, involving numerous physical documentation and computer supports directly related to the criminal acts.

The investigations began based on several complaints filed during the last quarter of last year by citizens of Zaragoza, who reported that several financial credit institutions that operate over the Internet had contacted them to demand the non-payment of small loans, contracted from illegitimately months before with your personal data.

The main researcher, a 44-year-old man with a degree in Economics and resident in La Rioja, although with close family ties in Zaragoza, had several police records for acts of the same nature.



The ideologist of the group preconceived the criminal plan, consisting of systematic online hiring of fraudulent loans, continuously and over time, on behalf of and using the personal data of third parties without their consent, in a score of financial credit institutions .

Firstly, it analyzed the different requirements of documentary type required to obtain the loans, referred to in the different Internet portals, being indispensable in all cases the personal documentation of the applicant.

For this, he obtained the photographs of the DNI of the injured, devising a method consisting of organizing job interviews, for a supposed and never effective position offered in Zaragoza, by his company.

That is, the interviewees in search of a job gave their personal documentation for this purpose and then several photographs were taken, the reason for the interview being really the simple obtaining of this documentation.

Then, once he had these photographs in his possession, he falsified various additional documents (payrolls from the Public Administration, bank receipts, supply invoices, etc.), with the purpose of appearing to the highest possible degree of guarantee, based on the requirements of financial entities.

Thus, he requested consumer loans, usually of modest amount, on behalf of these people, supplanting their identity, submitting the necessary documentation and pretending to be the legitimate holder of the same.

These requests were made through Internet, using the contracting facilities that this means and that the financial entities themselves grant, and also used computerized masked connections in order to leave no identifying sign.

Although it was mostly modest loans, the large number of injured (228 have been accounted for) and loans contracted in each (usually three or four), makes the total fraud to the twenty establishments affected credit exceeds 200,000 euros, paying the amount of the same in bank accounts of various entities open ad hoc for this purpose.

These accounts were always in the name of the principal investigated or on behalf of persons of his full trust (the other four detainees, including his wife).

The money obtained was quickly arranged, when transferred to other accounts, reimbursed in cash at ATMs or used to recharge prepaid cards with which they made various purchases.

With regard to the victims, their names were inserted as debtors in the different files of unpaid in Spain, a fact that poses enormous difficulties when it comes to accessing any financing.

Even they were also taken to trial for these alleged defaults, by the financial credit institutions, ultimately harmed, with time, money, loss of financial reputation and mental burnout that this situation can entail.

Two registers have been practiced in Logroño, involving numerous physical documents and computer supports directly related to the criminal acts. The main detainee, after giving a statement at the police headquarters, was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority in Zaragoza, who decreed his immediate admission to prison.


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