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Red Magazine (UK) December 2000
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Christmas Crackers

Never mind the baubles  -  what would you really warm our
 hearts this year is one of this lot under the tree.   Lorien Haynes
introduces the coolest actors in Britain today.

Rufus Sewell

Rufus Sewell has officially made it, he's played his first Hollywood
villian in this month's Bless The Child, Sewell 32, stars opposite
Kim Basinger as a Satanist hiding behind a New Age organization,
and he's very, very scary -- gone is the romantic hero from
Middlemarch (1994), The Woodlanders (1998), and Martha Meet
Frank, Daniel and Laurence (1998).  Acclaimed on both sides of
the Atlantic, Sewell is based in North London and is currently single.


What do you want for Christmas?

Some sorrel.  I haven't tasted it since I was five

And for your career?

A difficult part in a really different new play, on a small stage in London


What do People most often recognise you for?

When I assume it's because of my work, it actually turns out to be because I've got something on my chin.


What are you most proud of ?

My niece, who is seven years old and naughty and lovely.


Most embarrassed about?

About eight years ago I saw a girl in a bar in New York and was convinced I knew her.  I said, 'I went to school with you' She said, 'No you didn't'.  So I said 'What's your name?'  She said 'Kate Moss,' and laughed, thank God.


Have you taken you clothes off for a role?

A couple of times.  The first was in a television role.  I had to walk towards Allison Steadman, naked, in one of her dream sequences.  It was terrifying.

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