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The eXtremists

30 May   The Vancouver Sun


The action-adventure film The Extremists, which has been filming in Berlin and Austria for several months, is in the Vancouver area for a few weeks shooting additional footage, including snow scenes (where they can find it) in the mountains. 

The German-British co-production is being directed by Christian Duguay and stars Rupert Graves, Rufus Sewell, Devon Sawa and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. 

In the story, a commercial director (Sewell) and producer (Graves) go on location near the Yugoslav border to film a scene of skiers being chased down a mountain by an avalanche. Unfortunately, they're shooting near the hideout of a Serbian war criminal, whom they accidentally catch on camera. The villain and his cronies assume the film-makers are with the CIA and a tense, action-packed chase ensues through the remote mountains. 

The film is a potpourri of helicopter crashes, snowboarding, skiing, sky diving, base jumping, white-water rafting and cross country motorcycling. 

Last Monday found cast and crew shooting train sequences in Langley. 

09 May 01
thanks to Renata of  Global Roof for the translation

Action-Thriller in the Alpine Snow (Berliner Morgenpost, 9 may 2001)

Having completed filming in Austria and Switzerland for the film "The
Extremists", a German-British co-production, the crew has landed in studios 1 and 2 of the fx.Center in Babelsberg.
That where special effects scenes involving gondolas  (ed. I'm assuming we're talking aerial lift gondolas, not Venice, ha ha) and helicopters, as well as water and explosives. In the Tonkreuz Sud (literally: southern audio-cross) a snowy landscape has been created out of styrofoam.

"The Extremists" is an action-thriller that takes place in the Austrian Alps. A team working with advertising film specialist Ian wants to shoot breath-taking stunts there, but initially hits upon unpredictable natural forces which make their work difficult. A battle for basic survival begins when the crew encounters Pavle, a Serbian war criminal and terrorist who was thought to have been dead. From then on the getting the desired film shots is the least of their worries. Chased by Pavle and his followers, Ian and his team set off on a breakneck flight through the mountains.

"Snowboarding, skiing, sky diving, base jumping, white-water rafting and motocross (cross country motorcyling) are in this film" reported producer Jan Fantl yesterday, "we're making a film for the whole family, although we fear that worried parents will hate the film." The cast and crew comprises 125 people. The director is Christian Duguay, whose last film was "The Art of War". The overall budget for the film is 26.1 million dollars, according to Fantl.

Acting in front of Hannes Hubach's camera are, among others, Devon Sawa, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Rufus Sewell, Rupert Graves, Jana Pallaske, Joe Absolom, Jean Pierre Castaldi, Liliana Komorowska, as well as Germans Heino Ferch und Klaus Luwitsch. 

After the scenes in Babelsberg the team will go off for further filming in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Variety - April 6, 2001

MDP Worldwide's current production and distribution slate includes the recently
completed $ 40 million-budgeted "D'Artagnan," directed by Peter Hyams and starring
Tim Roth, Mena Suvari, Catherine Deneuve, Justin Chambers and Stephen Rea;
"Fear.com," directed by William Malone and starring Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone
and Rea; and the Christian Duguay-helmed "The Extremists," starring Devon Sawa,
Rufus Sewell, Rupert Graves, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras and Klaus Maria Brandauer.
(filming will take place in Luxembourg and Montreal.)

Carlyle and Sewell lined up for war drama

Rufus Sewell and Robert Carlyle are set to team up to foil the Nazis in a
new Second World War thriller.
The British stars are in the running to play intelligence officers behind
enemy lines in the 20 million adventure Light In The Sky .
The film focuses on an effort to stop German V2 rockets being launched at
England in late 1944.
It is being planned by Twentieth Century Fox and is due to be made in spring
next year. Young American stars Ryan Phillippe and Mena Suvari have been
pencilled in to play a Nordic couple who assist the heroes.James Fox and
Maximilian Schell are expected to play support parts in the drama.

A source told Ananova: "There has been a renewed interest in good World War
Two stories and this is based on real-life events."
thanks, Marina!



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